🎉 Welcome to Axiome Blog, a blog about creative development and vulgarization of 3D theory and more.

A blog about the art of demystifying creative development, diving deep into the 3D web, mastering three.js, and much more.

Hello, I'm Adam (also known around the digital realms as Axiome), a freelance creative developer at the forefront of 3D web innovation.

Welcome to my digital canvas — a space where I chronicle my journey through the mesmerizing world of creative development. My passion lies in breathing life into ideas through the power of three.js, but my curiosity doesn't stop there. Specializing in 3D web development, I wield tools like React, React Three Fiber, GLSL, GSAP, and Framer Motion to create experiences that transcend the flat confines of traditional web spaces.

Once a Fullstack DevOps engineer, I found myself yearning for the creative freedom and visual storytelling only the front end could offer. This longing, coupled with a deep-seated nostalgia for my days mastering 3D computer graphics during my Master's degree, guided me to pivot my career towards creative development. Today, I stand at the intersection of technology and art, crafting immersive experiences that blend technical prowess with aesthetic vision.

Available for freelance projects that challenge the norm and push boundaries, I invite you to reach out. Whether you're looking to transform your digital landscape or simply share a passion for 3D web magic, let's connect and create something unforgettable.

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